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Looking for properties in Kyoto?

Hachise is a real estate company in Kyoto that focuses on traditional Japanese townhouses, Kyo-Machiya, and to give them new concepts and new lives through renovation. Our goal is to help you match with these Kyo-Machiyas, and to keep the beautiful cityscape of Kyoto everlasting.

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A guide to take you through the process of purchasing a property in Kyoto. Learn about the cost and taxes, laws and regulations of Machiya, and housing loan options.

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Depends on the usage of your property, we provide the comprehensive support and services for every renovated property purchased at Hachise.

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Behind each renovated property from Hachise, there are countless efforts and commitments. Learn how we transform each machiya from start to finish.

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Stay in Kyoto

KyoYadoyas are 27 Kyo-Machiyas renovated by Hachise that are operated as daily lodging facilities since 2009.


KyoTreat is a series of vacation rental Kyo-Machiyas that allow you to experience Kyoto as a local, starting from 30 days.


KyoDanran are large Kyo-machiyas renovated into sharehouses that are great options for people who are looking to start living in Kyoto. Minimum contract period is 1 year and guarantor is NOT required.


Media Coverage

Learn more about Kyo-machiya and the people who live inside a Kyo-machiya through the eyes of these fellow YouTubers.
Visit the Media Coverage page to learn more about Hachise and where we were featured.

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More About Us

Want to know more about Hachise? Visit About Us page to learn about our company, who we are, and what we do.

Below is our business calender (JPT).